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Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Top Women In Marketing!

Women’s History Month is celebrated in the U.S. beginning on March 1st. All month is an opportunity to honor and praise all the wonderful accomplishments that women have achieved. There are so many admirable women in the marketing industry and together they have made some great advancements in the world of marketing. In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of some of the greatest female leaders in the marketing industry. These women can be found in Forbes, in the CEO role, and right here at Click Control Marketing. 

There is an endless list of women in the marketing world that should be recognized for their hard work. We’ve put together a short list of some of the most amazing and driven women that have paved the way for other women in the industry. 

  • Ann Hendley – 

    • Ann is a very accomplished leader in the digital marketing industry. She has founded a couple of incredibly successful companies including ClickZ and MarketingProfs. ClickZ was one of the first pioneer companies in the digital marketing space and was sold by Ann in 2000. MarketingProfs is a business-to-business marketing solution with over 600,000 subscribers.  
    • Ann Hendley is also a best-selling author. In 2014 she wrote Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide To Creating Ridiculously Good Content and it earned her a proud spot on the Wall Street Journal’s best-selling author list. 
    •  Along with these amazing feats, Ann was also named a top thought leader by Forbes and one of the seven people shaping the modern marketing world by IBM.  
  •  Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang – 

    • Dr. Ai has been described as a pioneer of disruptive learning and a modern free-thinker. In 2019 she left her job as an Assistant Professor to start her own teaching initiative called Classroom Without Walls. Her goal was to create a school with the aim of teaching teens and young adults real-life skills and making learning fun. Dr. Ai has succeeded in this goal and has already helped many young adults shape their futures for the better. 
    • Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang has been a regular webinar host at SEMrush and speaks at their Global Marketing Day event. She is an instructor and contributor at HubSpot Academy, as well as an Adobe Education Leader. 
    • Dr. Ai has been featured in many highly regarded business magazines including Forbes, Inside Higher Ed, and Entrepreneur. 
  •  Brooke Sellas – 

    • Brooke Sellas is the last marketing pioneer on our list. Brooke is the founder and CEO of B Squared Media, a premier client service digital marketing agency devoted to providing the highest quality results. 
    • Currently, Brooke is the co-host of the Marketing Companion Podcast. The Marketing Companion is an entertaining marketing podcast with the goal of providing marketing insights and timely advice that can help anyone trek the world of digital marketing. She is a founding member of the Sprout Social Agency Partner Program, a program designed to win more business and drive growth.  
    • Brooke Sellas has won many prestigious awards throughout her marketing career. Some of these awards include the Circle of Excellence award, the National Excellence award, and the Sales Associate of the Year award. 

Amazing Women In Marketing Can Be Found Everywhere!

Not only have all these women achieved so much in the world of marketing, but here at Click Control Marketing, we have many talented women. We are so proud to have so many hard-working and brilliant women paving the way for others in the industry. We wanted to highlight the amazing talent we have on our team. 

We asked our team of amazing women why they got into marketing, what they love most about working in the industry, and how they feel women in the marketing space have shaped it.

  • Christina Cypher – 

    • Christina is our adept Director of Marketing. She has been with Click Control Marketing since September 2020. She has made so many positive changes and has helped to push the company towards more growth. 
    •  Christina loves what she does because she is able to see the impact she is making on people who are passionate about their business. She loves helping clients reach their goals and seeing the results of them reaching those goals. 
  • Nadia Widdi – 

    • Nadia is one of our newest team members. Since joining us in February, she has already proven to be a brilliant Client Success Manager. 
    • Nadia’s favorite part of working in marketing is her ability to apply creativity to modern marketing. This enables a business to easily reach a variety of demographics. 
    • She appreciates the amount of creativity that can go into campaigns and finds it very powerful that digital marketing gives you the ability to shape someone’s perceptions. 
  • Monique Pour – 

    • Monique is also one of our newer teammates. She joined us in February with Nadia and has shown us that her Social Media Management skills are the best in the business. 
    • When Monique was young, she began modeling, and this experience lead her to the marketing industry. 
    • Her favorite part of having a career in marketing is the ability to create. She started off being a creative director of photoshoots and got into building digital campaigns. Taking an idea and bringing it to life amazes her.
    • Monique believes that women approach things differently. Women’s POV is way different. For example, Helen Lansdowne changed the way of the editorial style. 
  • Anna Sansonetti – 

    • Anna has been with us since August 2019. She is an incredibly talented Graphic Designer and has used her craft to create so many beautiful things for Click Control Marketing.
    • Anna joined the marketing industry because growing up she was always very creative and involved in the arts. She felt that graphic design was just a natural career path for her to take. 
    • Her favorite part about graphic design is the amount of creativity involved. Graphic design is communication in a visual medium, so she really enjoys finding creative solutions in the visual side of a brand’s marketing. Creating effective designs that are both good-looking and functional is a great way to achieve this.  
  • Shannon Seguin – 

    • Shannon just recently celebrated her one-year anniversary earlier this month. As a Paid Search Specialist she has proven to be hard-working and incredibly skilled. 
    • When Shannon was in high school and college, she was a huge fan of writing. She wanted to incorporate this love of writing into a future career. She likes that in advertising and marketing it is your job to come up with a solution for a company’s marketing issues. We are often able to solve these issues by writing a concise but interesting message. 
    • Shannon likes that days are never the same, you never know what might happen and what problems you may have to solve that day. 
  • Madelyn Holifield – 

    • Madelyn joined the company in November 2020. She has since transitioned from Paid Search Specialist to Digital Marketing Specialist and now does copywriting for us. 
    • She got interested in marketing through the DECA club in high school. Ever since participating in DECA, she knew she wanted to join the world of marketing and advertising.
    • One of her favorite things about working in the marketing industry is flexibility. Working in marketing, so many avenues and opportunities are available to you. Learning and growth are very accessible in marketing. 
    • Madelyn feels that women have been able to bring a whole new perspective to the industry and have become pioneers for other women looking to enter the business world. 

Thank You To All The Incredible Women In The Marketing Industry

Click Control Marketing is proud to have so many wonderful and talented women on our team. We think that women in the marketing industry should be celebrated for their achievements and dedication to the field. This Women’s History Month be sure to thank and celebrate the women in your company for all their hard work and passion for the industry. If you are looking to work with a company of skilled and caring teammates, contact us today. We are dedicated to providing the best results and the highest level of care to all of our clients. Call now to get your marketing journey started. Tell us about a talented woman in marketing that has made an impact on your company!

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