Spring 2022 Marketing Trends

Are You Looking To Spruce Up Your Marketing Efforts With Some Of The Latest Trends?

The beautiful thing about marketing is its ability to evolve and change in response to many things. As a successful marketer, you should always be on top of the latest changes and trends within the industry. Knowing what is popular and being able to spot trends will help you to produce better results for your clients, and even for yourself. You should pride yourself on being a marketing specialist that stays ahead of the game. If you are not a marketer and are in need of some info on the latest marketing trends, we have just the thing for you! We have compiled some of the best marketing trends out there right now so that you can begin incorporating them into your spring 2022 marketing strategy. 

Incorporate New Color Palettes

To start, one very easy trend to jump on for this upcoming spring is adapting color palettes to correspond with the season. For this trend, your branding will be staying consistent for the most part. There are so many small and easy ways to change up your color palette for the spring season. One way to incorporate a spiced-up color palette is to incorporate a spring palette into campaigns you are running during the new season. Try utilizing colors like yellow, orange, lavender, or pink which are all classically spring-associated colors. Try experimenting with different combinations of these colors in your marketing strategy for the spring to see what works best.    

Build Your Email List

In 2022, well-rounded marketers should be building their email and SMS lists. An advantage of including email and SMS lists in your marketing strategy is that the industry plans to see continuing performance increases on these channels. These types of channels drive revenue and they continue to increase. We can expect to see this increase in performance continuing over the coming year. Consider adding an email or SMS strategy to your marketing plan for 2022.  

Utilize Interactive Content

Something to keep in mind for your marketing strategy for this spring is that interactive content is going to continue in popularity. Polls and quizzes have proven to remain successful hooks in campaigns. These types of interactive content can be fun and shareable, which promotes engagement on your social channels. With polls and quizzes, you can entertain followers while also learning helpful information about them. Try to include polls, quizzes, guides, interactive e-books, or short-form videos into your spring 2022 marketing strategy. Another great method of including interactive content is by incorporating interactive content on your business website. 

Jump On The AR & VR Train

Over the past couple of years, visual technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have seen an increase in popularity. The demand for immersion experiences that combine the real world with the digital world and technologies that exist solely in the digital world has risen more and more as time goes on. Snapchat and Instagram are great places to start when implementing these things into your marketing strategy due to their popular AR and VR filters. Even if you are not ready to completely implement AR and VR into your marketing plan, utilizing tools like these is perfect for dipping your toes into the trend. NeilsenIQ conducted a study that found that 51% of people would be willing to use AR and VR technology to assess products if available to them. 

Consider Hybrid Events

Taking into consideration the rising popularity of AR and VR technologies, hybrid events may be a mainstay in the marketing world. Since the height of the pandemic, many people have opted out of in-person events that would normally be used to generate leads engaged with customers. A trend your company needs to jump on is the hybrid event trend. Utilizing a combination of in-person and virtual methods when conducting an event will help increase engagement and help you to continue gathering new leads. Moving forward, in-person events will include a digital component, and utilizing AR and VR technologies will help create an immersive experience for those who opt out of in-person events. 

Include Audio Content

Nowadays, podcasting has become a very popular form of audio content. It is also an effective medium for marketers and businesses. Podcasts can be a great form of audio content because they do not need production-level quality to still be enjoyed. They do not require super expensive equipment and do not take much time to put together. If your marketing strategy already includes creating video content, you could easily and quickly turn that into audio content. Another great thing about podcasting is that they are easily clipped into short-form content and can be distributed among your business’ other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  

Never Forget That Content is King

Content is the cornerstone of digital marketing and this can be partly attributed to the fact that well-produced content is engaging and long-lasting. The wonderful thing about content is that it is constantly evolving which means you can change your strategy to include the newest content trends. Video content especially has dominated the digital marketing industry in recent years and will only continue to increase in popularity and performance. Short-form videos in particular have become very mainstream and produce great results. Our brains have been conditioned to be more engaged and responsive to instant rewards, so producing content that satisfies that need for instant gratification will help to provide the best results. The pandemic altered the way we were able to produce content, and due to content’s constant nature to evolve the way that video content was produced evolved as well. The do-it-yourself aesthetic has reigned supreme lately. Short-form videos that lack high production quality, like TikToks, actually seem to perform better due to their more personable nature. 

Will You Use Any Of These Marketing Trends?

Including any mixture of these trends in your spring 2022 marketing strategy will help produce great results for you and your business. Whether you are a marketing professional or just a business owner looking for more information to plan your next marketing strategy, this is the place for you. If you are still in need of help compiling your marketing strategy or just need help with your PPC advertising, do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Click Control Marketing, we are dedicated to helping any business owner or agency improve their traffic and lead generation. Call today and find out more about getting started with your own PPC campaign.   

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