Bring qualified prospects back to your website

Retargeting makes it simple to bring back previous website visitors who were interested in your products and services but didn’t convert yet.

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Stop letting prospects slip through the cracks

Paying for traffic is expensive, don’t let your ad budget go to waste by skipping retargeting. Research shows that consumers rarely make purchases their first time on your website.

Retargeting allows you to bring this warm audience back to your website – increasing the chances they convert.

Improve your overall MER

Retargeting/remarketing can help improve your overall marketing efficiency. Get a more accurate view of what is driving results.

Increase # of touchpoints

Often, conversions now require much more than 7 touchpoints to happen. Remarketing increases the number of touchpoints with your potential customers.

Re-capture attention

Don’t let past and potential customers forget about your brand! Get your products and services back in front of them with retargeting.

why retargeting?

Only 17% of consumers browse with intent to purchase on their first website visit

Not retargeting previous website visitors could mean letting 80%+ of your potential customers walk right out the door. Invite them back to your website with retargeting!

Why us?

You deserve an agency that believes in world class customer service

Transparent ROI and world class customer service are among our core values. At Click Control Marketing, the success of your campaigns is important to us.

The process

Add retargeting to your marketing plan in 5 quick steps

Starting retargeting doesn’t need to be overwhelming. At Click Control Marketing, we have a proven process for building, launching, and managing your retargeting campaigns.

Step 1

Reach out

Start the process today by reaching out. Submit a quick contact form, or give us a call.

Step 2

Discovery call

After you reach out to our team, our marketing director and head of paid media will set up a discovery call to learn more about your business goals and strategy.

Step 3


After learning the ins and outs of your business, our paid media team will create a plan to help you succeed with retargeting and send it over in a proposal.

Step 4


Once you approve the proposal and fill out our onboarding form, our paid search specialists will review your goals and build your new retargeting campaigns.

Step 5

More leads & sales

With your retargeting campaigns running, you can relax as you generate more leads & sales. Our paid search specialists will keep your account optimized to make sure you’re getting the best results possible.


Maximize the efficiency of your ad spend

our services

Digital marketing services for all of your business needs

Take the guesswork out of great marketing. It’s time for ROI-focused marketing solutions that fit your unique business needs.

Place your products and services in front of potential customers that are ready to take action.

Catch and keep your audience’s attention with gorgeous, custom graphic design.

Reach your business goals with a well-defined, comprehensive marketing strategy.

Move the needle for your business with social media management that engages your target audience.

Turn website visitors into new leads and sales. Connect your marketing strategy with a website.

Great copy grabs the attention of your customers and demonstrates the value of your products and services.

Unlock the door to increased brand awareness and high-converting audiences.

Sell your products online with an e-commerce website that drives purchases with ease.

Get more leads and sales by increasing your organic search traffic on Google with SEO.

Improve your marketing efficiency with retargeting

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