What Is A Google Premier Partner?

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Having an advertising agency on your side with Google Partner or Premier Partner status is a major asset to your marketing journey, but what exactly is a Google Partner? Google Partners is a marketing program offered through the Google Ads platform to advertising agencies or digital marketing professionals that manage Google Ads accounts for other brands and businesses.

How do you reach Google Partner status?

Obtaining Google Partner status means that your advertising agency is being recognized for increasing campaign success for your clients, improving growth in your client base, and demonstrating exemplary expertise in Google Ads skills with certifications. To be a Google Partner, your company must also have multiple employees who are certified in Google Adwords. Having employees that are certified reflects an advanced knowledge of the platform and increases your company value. To learn more about becoming Google Ads certified, read our blog on How To Become A Google Ads Specialist.
Signing up for Google Partner status is easy to do, and there is a great tutorial on how to do it on Google’s Ads Help page. There are a few steps to complete before becoming a Google Partner, and it should be noted that in order to successfully sign up for Google Partners you must have admin access to your Google manager account.

What is Premier Partner status?

There are currently three tiers of Google partnership. These three tiers include member, partner, and premier partner. To become a Google Premier Partner, your company must meet Google’s performance requirements. This can be achieved by delivering consistent overall ad growth and revenue with growing and sustaining your customer base. Much like the Partner tier, Premier Partners must employ at least two Google Ads specialists certified in Google. The Premier tier is available for different Google online advertising services like Search Ads, Mobile Ads, and Shopping Ads. Achieving the Premier status indicates that your company is among the top 3% of partner agencies. Premier Partners must also demonstrate the ability to retain clients year-over-year. Product diversification is among the requirements to become a Premier Partner as well. This means demonstrating a product mix that goes beyond just Google Search Campaigns.

What are the benefits of Partner and Premier Partner status?

Being a Google Partner means that your company will have access to a wide range of benefits. These benefits include the capability to display the Google Partners badge on your website and in your marketing materials. Beginning in June 2021, any partner that meets the new requirements gets access to the new Google Partner badge. There are three different requirement categories to get access to the new badge: performance, spending, and certifications. These Google Partner requirements are checked and updated every day.
Joining the Google Partners program gives your company the knowledge to successfully lead a client on the path they want. Click Control Marketing is proud to be a Google Partner, and having to retake the Google Certification on a yearly basis allows our Ad specialists to stay updated on the newest Google features. The Google Partner program helps businesses and brands save money. Using Google’s features in a strategic way ensures that the campaigns we set up are done in a way that is most profitable. Another benefit Google Partners offers is the ability to keep Click Control Marketing ahead of our competitors. As Google Partners, Click Control Marketing is given access to the newest beta features offered by Google, and we receive exclusive opportunities to test them out before the public is able to.

Are You Going To Become A Premier Partner?

The Google Partners program offers many amazing benefits to marketing professionals and advertising agencies of all kinds. For an experienced agency with Google Premier Partner status, you don’t have to look any further than Click Control Marketing! We have many certified Google Ads specialists that are ready to help your company on its marketing journey. Call today or fill out our information form to get your very own Google Adwords campaign started today!

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