Ways To Enhance Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Looking To Boost Your Company Social Media?

The booming popularity of social media has made including social posting in your marketing strategy a must. Having well-engaged social media for your brand will help to gain leads and increase brand awareness two-fold. However, having a successful company’s social media presence can be tricky and times and does not come without its challenges. We have put together a few tips that will help to enhance your company’s social media presence and get on the road to successful and engaging content in no time. 

Stay Active On Social

One of the most important methods of enhancing a business’s social media is to simply stay active. Inactive and inconsistent social media feeds give off a bad look. Posting fresh content on a consistent schedule is one of the easiest ways to improve social media presence as a company. Find ways to repurpose content so that you are not constantly having to come up with brand new ideas.

 A good way to get yourself on a consistent posting schedule is by creating a content calendar. Before creating a content calendar, one of the best practices is to research which times are best for posting per platform that you are interested in posting on. StatusBrew has a really great blog breaking down the best days and times to post per platform. Once you have found the best times to post for each platform, utilizing a scheduling tool like SproutSocial is an easy and efficient way to keep yourself organized and consistent. 

However, just because you have a content calendar try to keep in mind that social media is not the type of advertising media to just set it and forget it. The calendar is there to keep you organized and on time, but you still need to be revisiting your social media posting strategy.  

Don’t Forget To Be Human

Another very easy tactic to improve your company’s social media presence is to just infuse some personality into your social voice. One of the worst things a company can do on social media is to come off like a faceless automaton. People enjoy getting to know your company on a more personal level, and creating a great social voice for your company is a great way to get long-lasting customers. Many of the big brands that are successful on social media are not afraid to converse with their followers as they would friends. Even just cracking jokes gets people interested and makes them want to engage with your content. Nowadays, with the growing popularity of brands on social media, it is almost expected that you have a personality behind your social presence. Do not shy away from getting more personal with your followers and bantering with them on a friendship basis. 

Keep In Line With Your Brand Voice

When posting on social media, be sure to keep your brand voice and aesthetic consistent across all platforms. Your followers should be able to look at any social platform you post on and be able to immediately connect them all through brand voice and identity. It can be very confusing for followers to understand your brand well if your tone and messaging are changing with each post. A great way to keep all marketing, not just social posts, in line with your brand identity is by creating a style guide. A style guide is a document or tool that includes your logo, color palette, and voice. Style Guides are good tools to have on hand when creating a marketing strategy, and once it is created continue to refer to them when coming up with social content. It is a very easy way to keep your brand voice intact and help followers to understand your messaging. 

Utilize Popular Trends And UGC

You know what they say, “trends make the social media world go ‘round”. Well, maybe we are the only ones that say that, but it still applies. Social trends are the perfect way to engage followers and create a relatable brand voice in your content. If anything is for sure it is that every couple of weeks a new social trend will be making its way through Tiktok. When a new trend inevitably pops up, think about how you can join in or if you should join in. Obviously, some trends are not brand-friendly to every company so pick and choose which trends work best for your strategy based on your tone and voice. Trends are a great way to boost your brand awareness and generate some engagement from followers.

Treat Each Platform Individually

If you are looking to post on multiple different platforms, or you already are, make sure you are treating every platform as its own. You’ll find that what may work on one platform may not work on another. While duplicating content seems easy, it is so much more worthwhile to take the time and plan out different content for every platform. There is a huge distinction between duplicating and repurposing content. Repurposing content keeps it refreshed and extends its life for posting, whereas duplicating is just transferring from one platform to another. If you are just duplicating your content, you run the risk of losing the interest of your followers and audience. If they are seeing the same things from your company on every platform, they may get bored and unfollow or stop engaging with your content. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the promotion of your other social media. Make sure you are including links to your socials across all advertising platforms.

Remember That It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

A huge mistake that you can make when it comes to enhancing a company’s social media presence is trying to grow it too quickly. Success as a brand on social media does not happen overnight, so you have to plan for the long haul. Do not try to expedite the social growing process by paying for followers. With this strategy, you will eventually come to a place where you are no longer getting leads or engagement. Growing your social media organically is the best way to go about social success as a brand and gaining a sustainable audience of followers. By taking the organic approach you will get real data from your audience and you can utilize this data to create future content that your target audience will love. There is nothing wrong with taking time to build your social media and gain an audience that is reliable and engaging.    

Reworking Your Social Strategy? Contact Click Control Marketing!

While creating fresh and exciting content for your social media can be a challenge at times, it is incredibly worthwhile. With these few tips and tricks, you can take your company’s social media to the next level and begin engaging with your followers better than before. Are you looking for a more in-depth approach to rethinking your social media strategy? Well, Click Control Marketing is the place for you and your business. Our skilled team of social media experts can help you craft a social strategy that can help gain leads and create a more personal presence on your social media. 

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