Top 5 Things to Ask Your PPC Person

What Kinds Of Things Should You Be Asking Your PPC Specialist?

If you and your business are currently looking for a digital marketing agency to help run your advertising, you may be wondering “where do I start?” Whether you are looking for a PPC specialist or an agency to run your digital advertising, one of the most important places to start is to determine if they can meet your business needs. You first have to decide if the two of you would be a compatible match and if they can reach your advertising goals. We have put together a few questions that should be asked before you hire that ads specialist or agency. The answers to these questions should help you choose an ads specialist that is right for you.

1. How Much PPC Experience Do You or Your Agency Have?

A very important question to ask a PPC person or agency to help determine their quality as a marketing manager is: how much actual PPC experience do you have? While a newer PPC ads manager or agency can still produce good quality results, a well-experienced agency will have the upper hand. More experience in the PPC landscape means that they know the best course to take when looking to achieve your business goals. Hiring an agency or ads manager with more experience also means that they generally know what will work best for your kind of business. All businesses and industries are different, so having a PPC expert on your side that has experience working with a business aligned with yours will improve your chances of great results.  

2. What Kind Of Certifications Do You or Your Agency Have?

While PPC certifications are not entirely necessary, they do provide you with a sense that the ads manager or agency knows a bit more about what they are doing. Agencies with Google Ads certification or Microsoft Certifications are a good way to vet if the managers working on your account are well versed in those ad platforms. Some other good platform certifications to look for are Facebook or other social media platform certifications.   

3. How Much Focus Is On My Account?

A good benchmark for determining if a certain PPC specialist or agency is right for you is to ask about their transparency and focus. By transparency we mean, how much is that ads manager or agency willing to share with you about your account? Do they provide mid-month and/or end-of-month reports? Do they have monthly meetings with you to discuss the account’s progress? Do they keep you updated on things happening with your account? If knowing exactly what is going on in your account is important to you make sure you express that to any potential PPC managers or agencies that you are considering. 

Along with this, a good question to ask is: how many people are working on my account hands-on, and how often? If it is an agency you are considering hiring to manage your digital advertising, it is good to know who will be working on your account week-by-week or day-by-day. It is also a good idea to ask how much time the agency plans on spending on your account per month or per week. If having someone look into your account very often is important to you and your business, it is best to bring that up in the hiring process so that everyone is on the same page with account expectations.  

4. Which Platforms Do You or Your Agency Specialize In?

Before settling on a PPC manager or agency, ask about which kinds of platforms they specialize in. Knowing which platform your potential PPC specialist has the most knowledge and experience with should help you to determine if you want them working on your advertising. Each platform comes with pluses and minuses, so having someone that specializes in a platform that will work best with your business is always going to work to your benefit and will provide you with better results.  

5. How Do You or Your Agency Determine Success?

One thing to always be on the same page with as your PPC specialist is how they determine what success looks like. Does success look like a certain amount of traffic? Does it look like a high volume of phone calls? Or does it look like more qualified leads that will result in a long-time customer? Make sure to discuss your expectations for the account and what kind of goals you would like to see in the next few months. In tandem with this, how will they work to achieve your business goals? Ask about the ad manager or agency’s process when taking on a new client. Find out what steps they plan to take to get you to where you would like to go. Do they have a process they always follow or do they come up with a plan tailored to your business? These are all vital questions to ask so that you can determine if this PPC person or agency is right for you. 

It’s Important To Ask Your PPC-Related Questions

Finding a new PPC specialist or agency to handle your business’ advertising can seem like a daunting task. However, asking these few questions can make it easier to decide if you two will be a match. If you are looking for an agency that believes in transparency, adaptability, teamwork, and authenticity above all else then look no further. Here at Click Control Marketing, those are just a few of our core company values and we are proud to showcase them through our high-quality work. Fill out our submission form today, and get started on your own digital marketing journey. 

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