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Navigating the world of marketing can be tricky enough when you are a small business. Add to that the unfamiliarity of marketing terms and things get even more difficult. But we have you covered! We’ve compiled a list of some basic marketing lingo to help you through the complex world of marketing and help you understand just what your marketing team is talking about.

Brand Voice:

  • Brand Voice is how you communicate your brand’s attitude through a selection of words and presentation. It is important because it reflects a uniqueness in your brand and expresses your personality to your target audience.

Bounce Rate:

  • Bounce rate is the percentage of people who arrive on your page and then leave without clicking on anything else. Bounce rate is an important thing to look at because a high bounce rate can result in lowered conversions.


  • Copy is a better-known marketing term and is basic lingo. Copy is very simply just the text on advertisements and publicity material. What you are reading right now is classified as copy for the blog.

Cost-Per-Lead (CPL):

  • Cost-per-lead often referred to as CPL, is the cost needed for a marketing organization to acquire a lead. CPL is an important metric to look at because you do not want an exponentially high cost-per-lead.

Call To Action (CTA):

  • Call to action, or CTA, is another commonly heard marketing term. A CTA is the copy included in an advertisement or publicity material(s) that asks the reader to do something. A good example of a CTA is when you see an advertisement that includes a bold line that reads something like “call now!” CTAs are very important to include in your advertisement copy.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR):

  • Click-through rate is very commonly referred to as CTR and is the number of clicks your links or advertisements receive per the number of impressions received. CTR is a good metric to watch so you know how effective your advertisements are at influencing people to click on your links. If something has a low CTR you may want to rework copy or look at other data measures to figure out why people are seeing your copy but not engaging with it.

Landing Page:

  • Landing pages are simply where you are taken after clicking on a link. Landing pages serve as the destination for advertisements and CTAs to send to audiences. Landing pages can be the homepage of your website, a social media account, or even a specifically designed webpage for that specific advertisement. Having a user-friendly landing page is imperative as landing pages that are slow-loading or are not mobile-friendly will cause higher bounce rates.


  • Leads are people or companies that show interest in your products or services in some way. Gaining leads can come in the form of calls, form submissions, or some kind of interest in buying from your company. Leads can be qualified or unqualified. Having qualified leads is what you want to work towards, as qualified leads are leads that will most likely result in a purchase. Unqualified leads just mean that the lead is not going to result in any kind of purchase.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

  • Pay-per-click is a fairly self-explanatory marketing term and you probably have or will hear this term many times in your marketing journey. PPC is just paid advertising where you pay every time someone clicks on your link. PPC is an excellent way to get higher engagements and more exposure to your brand. PPC can oftentimes be referred to as paid search and is the practice of displaying ads based on keywords or terms that people search for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of tailoring your website copy so that it places you higher on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. SEO can be achieved by simply rewording your on-page website copy so that you are placed higher. Search engines look for things like title tags, keywords, image tags, and internal link structure. They will also look at things like visitor behavior, design, and site structure when assessing your webpage SEO. All of these factors go into a search engine’s determination of where you will rank on the search page.

Did You Pick Up Any Marketing Lingo Along The Way?

Knowing some basic marketing lingo can drastically help you in your marketing journey. We hope that this guide will help you to understand the basic ins and outs of marketing so you will never be lost when developing your marketing strategy. If you do need support, Click Control Marketing can help you craft an effective digital marketing strategy that cuts through the noise. We are dedicated to assisting all of our clients to achieve their marketing goals without all the difficult marketing jargon and tricky steps. Contact us today to learn how you can get started on your very own digital marketing campaign!

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