Marketing To The Younger Demographic

How Do You Connect With A Younger Audience?

Marketing has taken on a new life in the past few decades. Now, marketing is vastly different than it was years ago. Newer and established businesses need to learn how to market to the younger demographic, as they will be the next generation of buyers. For businesses that are looking to target the younger demographic, but may not know where to start in relating to them, we have put together some tips on connecting and marketing to the younger generations. Read through to beef up your marketing tactics when it comes to targeting a younger demographic!

Build A More Modern And Genuine Brand 

Today’s younger demographic is sensitive to a phony, disingenuous marketing voice. Now more than ever it is important to establish yourself as a trustworthy brand. If you are looking to resonate with the younger demographic, like Millennials and Gen Z, your brand should be authentic and transparent. A good way to do this is by taking it all back to the building blocks and taking a look at your mission and vision statements, along with your brand values and brand identity. The younger market including Millennials and Gen Z often only engage with brands that they truly trust. If marketing to the younger demographic is your goal, be sure to build a genuine brand right from the bottom, up. 

Fresh, Relatable Content Is The Way To Go

The best way to get the interest of the younger demographic is by consistently creating fresh and relatable content. One of the best ways to go about this is by staying up-to-date with the latest trends on social platforms and in the media. Visit the trending tab on Twitter or spend some time on social platforms during the week to find out what is really going on that younger demographics are actively talking about. Another good tip we have for staying in tune with the younger generations is to simply ask them. Ask your audience what kinds of apps they use, and what kind of media and trends they digest, and learn how they interact. Through this knowledge, you are better able to craft content that is relatable and trendy.

Social Is Key

It’s no secret that Millennials and Gen Z are highly engaged on various social media platforms. If your business is looking to market to these demographics, be sure that social media is a part of your digital marketing strategy. This will be the best way to reach the younger demographic. When creating content for your social media strategy it is important to keep your content relevant and topical. 

Non-Traditional Demographics

One thing to keep in mind if you are marketing to a younger demographic is that tradition is not the way to go. Millennials and Gen Z are not super interested in tradition like most other demographics. Ads that are directed toward the traditional demographics are generally ineffective when it comes to marketing to the younger demographic. When putting together your marketing strategy, try not to focus too much on age groups or important milestones. Many of today’s buying Millennials have social causes that they care about, so speaking to that will aid you in marketing to them. Millennials nowadays are small business owners or entrepreneurs that prefer a more creative, freelance lifestyle. Keep this in mind while crafting your messaging and strategy. 

Speak Their Language 

As a marketer or business owner improving your marketing strategy, you may learn that every generation has its own traits and lingo. Every generation has its own slang and language that takes on a life of its own. Knowing the basic lingo that comes with your target demographic has become essential to communicating with your audience.  

Create An Outbound Marketing Strategy

The traditional method of using an inbound marketing strategy is falling by the wayside. With the younger demographic becoming the next generation of buyers, we are seeing things like magazine ads, commercials, and direct mail advertising decrease in their effectiveness. The modern marketer should place more focus on inbound strategies to reach the younger demographic. A good way to implement these inbound marketing strategies is to create a video tutorial that details how your product works. In this video be sure to capitalize on how your product can make life easier or better for the average young buyer. Another idea is to publish and share some well-written blog posts that relate to your business or product. 

Stay In Touch With A Younger Demographic

Marketing to the younger demographic may seem like a daunting task at times. Still, with these basic tips, you can begin to formulate a strategy that does marketing to this younger demographic easier. If your business is in need of a little more hands-on help in crafting your marketing strategy, get in touch with us here at Click Control Marketing. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their marketing goals, so if you are looking to expand your marketing contact us today! 

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