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Do You Want To Learn How To Create A Well Converting Landing Page?

Creating a high-converting landing page takes a lot of work and attention. Employing a well-thought-out and constructed landing page can vastly improve your company’s ability to convert new customers and persuade existing customers to buy again. Here are some easy tips to help you create a high-converting landing page and increase your customer base. 

#1 Start with a great headline

Starting your landing page with a killer headline is the first step to attracting and keeping customers on your site. Use this space to state clearly your value proposition and what you offer that your competitors don’t. Keep headlines and subheadlines short and sweet. The shorter and more to the point, the better. The industry standard for a headline is a maximum of 20 words with the best headlines being kept to 10 words. This headline should tell your reader exactly what your company is about and should grab their attention. One thing to note is that if your headline accompanies a compelling image that well explains the product or service, you don’t need to spend as much time going in-depth into the headline copy. 

If your headline makes visitors look, then your subheadline needs to make them stay. These two pieces of copy should work in harmony and complete each other. The subheadline should involve an element of persuasiveness, and they can go more into depth with extra detail about the headline. 

#2 Visuals are important

Images and videos are an essential part of creating a high-converting landing page. Your hero shot, or the image or video positioned on the upper half of your web page, is the first thing that will draw visitors’ attention to your site. This hero shot needs to be captivating and needs to have the goal of persuading readers to explore more of the page. According to LivePlan, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words so including quality images is a must if you want to craft a high-converting landing page. 

If you are advertising a product, use images that reflect the real use of the product. This way web visitors know exactly what your product does without needing much copy to explain the product. If you are advertising a service, the primary focus of your hero shot and other images on the site should be captivating your audience and demonstrating relevance. Pictures should be high-quality and they should be large in size to attract more attention. 

Including a video on your landing page is a good way to increase user engagement and boost conversion rate. Including moving pictures on your landing page can increase conversions significantly. 

#3 Keep it simple

One of the biggest errors you can make when creating a landing page is overcomplicating things. There is no harm in keeping things simple. Your landing page should only include the most crucial information that potential customers need to know about your business. Outline important things like features and benefits that your customers will gain by patronizing your business. Visitors are much more likely to convert if they are explained the benefits they will receive if they follow through. Using a benefit-oriented message is a great way to improve conversions. 

One more simple thing to include on your landing page is a guarantee. Customers love guarantees no matter what it is you are guaranteeing. Guarantees make customers feel more reassured while visiting your website, and simply using the word on your site will increase the likelihood of getting a conversion. Choose a type of guarantee that works best for your business, and even if you don’t have an explicit product guarantee to offer customers utilizing a different type of guarantee is just as good. One example would include saying “spam-free guarantee” somewhere on the site that is easily in view. 

#4 Include social proof

When crafting your landing page, try including testimonials or other forms of social proof. Visitors are much more likely to convert if they are provided proof of others using the same product or service with satisfying results. Things like reviews, partner logos, and testimonials, also referred to as social proof, are all excellent ways to show customers that you and your product or service are credible. The goal of social proof is to build trust with your website readers and to persuade a conversion. 

#5 Incorporate a CTA

Adding a CTA, or a Call-To-Action, is imperative to creating a landing page that will convert. CTAs are short sentences designed to persuade a reader to convert promptly. Whether your CTA is being used to ask visitors to subscribe, fill out an information form, or share your site on social media, be sure to include one. In terms of a CTA, it’s generally a good rule of thumb to follow the “the bigger, the better” rule. Call To Action copy is one of the most important pieces of copy on your entire landing page so it has to be good. CTA copy should be persuasive, exciting, and intriguing. Try to avoid using words like “submit”. CTAs are best utilized when in the form of a button, as people are trained to expect a CTA in button form. 

CTA buttons should be in a color that contrasts with all other colors on your landing page. No matter what color you choose for your button, be sure that it stands out on the page. Contrasting colors will compel a visitor to click rather than just view. Another good idea to keep in mind is trying to incorporate graphics that point a reader to your CTA button. 

Which Tip Will Help Your Landing Pages Convert?

Landing pages that are designed to convert can be time-consuming and involve a lot of attention to detail, but the time investment needed is well worth it. Well-designed landing pages can increase engagement rates and drive conversions up. We hope these tips and tricks on creating a successful landing page help your business gain more traffic and leads. For more hands-on help, let Click Control Marketing help you with all of your digital advertising needs! Contact us today to find out more!

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