How to Become a Google Ads Specialist

Are You Interested In Becoming A Google Ads Specialist?

Starting a brand marketing journey is an exciting new adventure for anyone. However, having the right skillset is vitally important to a successful marketing plan. Getting something like a Google Ads certification or Adwords specialty under your belt can be a huge asset to starting a new marketing campaign. Possessing the knowledge of a Google Ads pro can improve lead generation, increase online traffic, and boost your revenue. We have put together some tips and tricks on becoming a Google Ads specialist to help you better understand our craft, and improve your knowledge of the Google Ads platform.

It’s easy to just trust the Google Ads defaults and believe that setting things to automatic mode will get you the leads and traffic you are looking for, but knowing some of the ins and outs of Google Ads will allow you to manually manage a successful Google Ads account and not shy away from running things yourself. A Google Ads specialist is like your all-access guide through the world of online Adwords marketing. They have the tools and knowledge that are necessary to create ads designed to bring in the quality leads you are looking for.

#1: Conduct some PPC research

A tip that can go a long way when learning how to become a Google Ads specialist, is researching the internal workings that makeup Paid Search. Paid Search can be a complicated thing when trying to take in all the information at one time, however, learning over a period of time can make the information much more digestible and easy to retain. There is a multitude of learning resources available to you that will teach you PPC that is necessary to know, from the basics to advanced knowledge. One helpful and free resource is the PPC University on WordStream. The PPC 101 course teaches the basic knowledge of Paid Search such as: what defines PPC, learning how keywords work, and understanding Cost Per Click and Click-Thru Rate.

#2: Obtain a Google Ads certification

Google Ads offers a thorough course that teaches and tests your knowledge on the Google Ads platform. There are six different certifications that Google offers: Google Ads Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Apps, and Measurement. To get a Google Ads certification you must first set up a Skillshop account. Setting this account up allows free access to all the Google certifications, as well as, all the learning tools you would need for studying. Google Ads certifications are available in 22 different languages, so no matter where you’re from, it’s likely accessible to you. To pass the certification you need to complete the test within the 75-minute time frame with a score of 80% or more. If you do not pass the assessment the first time through, it is available to retake and try again 24 hours later. Certifications are valid for one full year, so in order to keep your certification, the test must be taken every year.

There are some nice benefits that come from having a Google Ads certification. Google certifications display your expertise to current and potential clients. It shows dedication to the craft and knowledge that goes beyond the surface level of the platform. The studying that goes into taking the certification instills a deep understanding of the workings of Google Ads, which helps you better use and explain the platform.

#3: Put your knowledge to the test

One of the best ways to learn how to use the platform before taking on a full load of clients is to use the platform yourself. Start your own Google Ads account and begin crafting a campaign for your business. Practice using the platform by writing ads, adjusting budgets and bids, and adding in some new keywords to advertise your own services. This way you get a good handful of experience in using Google Ads first-hand, and it also will make you feel more comfortable approaching new leads and potential clients. The more practice you get on the platform, the more knowledge you will begin to accumulate.

Starting a journey in the digital marketing field can feel like a lot to conquer, but there are ways to gain knowledge in smaller steps, which allows anyone to be a Google Ads specialist. With these few tips and tricks on learning more about the Google Ads platform, and a little time and practice, you stand a better chance of placing yourself higher up on the lists of potential clients. This knowledge will suit you very well in the future, and can be taken with you to an agency, a freelance career, or help you become an in-house PPC specialist for a company. We hope you find these tips helpful, and use them to further your trek into the digital marketing field.

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