A Spooktacular Chat with Our Digital Marketing Maestro

Walt Conger's Halloween tips for Click Control Marketing

Our Founder and CEO of Digital Marketing, Walt, is no stranger to the world of online advertising. With over thirteen years at the helm of Click Control Marketing, he has demonstrated world-class skills in campaign creation, account management, and optimization for both major search engines like Google and Bing (often referred to as Tier 1) […]

Holiday Advertising for Your Business, Starting Now!

Can you believe that the holidays are right around the corner? While it may be hard to think about Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Christmas when it’s only the start of October, it’s crucial to begin planning your holiday marketing strategy NOW so that you’re ready to roll by November.  Black Friday, in particular, has extended […]

5 Steps to Choose the Right Marketing Consultant for Your Small Business

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your brand and customer base? An experienced marketing consultant can help you go the distance. A marketing expert dedicated to your success can provide valuable insight into how to best reach your target audience and how to maximize profits. But with so many options out there, […]

Triumph on the Greens: Bailey Bish Places 3rd at the U.S. Adaptive Open Golf Championship

We are thrilled to announce the extraordinary competitive success of adaptive golf player Bailey Bish, who placed 3rd at the recent U.S. Adaptive Open Championship. It has been an enormous source of pride for us to sponsor and support Bailey through an incredibly challenging athletic career.  Bailey’s sporting journey has been anything but smooth. At […]

4 Brand Recognition Strategies To Boost Your Business 

Are you looking for ways to grow your business? One crucial key you can’t afford to neglect is brand recognition. Brand recognition is a powerful tool to help your company stand out from the competition. By building a strong brand identity and establishing a consistent presence in the marketplace, a company can increase brand awareness […]

You Should Add These Negative Keywords to Your PPC Campaign in 2020

In less than a year, we have seen significant shifts in search trends and online behavior that no one could have predicted. With approximately 100,000 businesses permanently closed and thousands more still temporarily closed or limited due to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s understandable that business owners need to trim – or even eliminate – their […]

Understanding the New Google Ads Optimization Score Requirements

Since Google Ads first announced changes coming to its Partners badge program, there has understandably been some backlash to the new requirements. Starting in 2021, new criteria must be met for company performance, spend, and certifications in order to acquire or maintain the Google Ads Partner status. While Google says this is to maintain high […]

Not seeing your ad when you search for your business? Here’s why.

You searched for your business and your ad didn’t show up. Does this mean your ad isn’t running? Is something wrong with your campaign? There are a handful of reasons your ad might not appear in the search results. In most cases, it’s simply because the search engine is doing its job and following the […]

Welcome to the Click Control Marketing Blog!

Hi! And welcome to our blog! The Click Control Marketing team is excited to go beyond 280 characters and share useful information with you and the digital marketing community that will help you reach your business goals. You can expect: Discussions on current digital marketing updates and news Helpful articles about digital marketing Our expert […]