Marketing Books You Should Read To Help Better Your Strategy

The best marketing books to help better your strategy.

Which Marketing Books Should You Be Reading? Marketing books can be wonderful resources for bettering your strategy. Experts and marketing fiends alike have put together a wide variety of books to help anyone enhance their marketing strategy and advance their business. But with so many books available, how do you know which ones are the […]

What Are Bid Strategies?

Breaking Down Bid Strategies Deciding which bid strategy for your chosen paid ads platform will yield your campaigns the best result is imperative when crafting a digital paid ads strategy. But what are bid strategies exactly, and which ones are best suited to your campaigns? In this blog, we will outline some of the basic […]

Marketing To The Younger Demographic

How Do You Connect With A Younger Audience? Marketing has taken on a new life in the past few decades. Now, marketing is vastly different than it was years ago. Newer and established businesses need to learn how to market to the younger demographic, as they will be the next generation of buyers. For businesses […]

PPC Campaign Build Checklist

Looking To Build A PPC Campaign? Building a new PPC campaign can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. It does not have to be though! Here at Click Control Marketing, we specialize in crafting campaigns that are tailored to our client’s needs. We have compiled a basic checklist of things that are needed to […]

Bid Adjustments 101

What’s The 411 On Bid Adjustments? Paid ads platforms provide a long list of helpful tools that assist anyone in reaching their paid ads goals. One of these handy features is bid adjustments. This blog will be discussing bid adjustments most notably found on paid advertising platforms like Google and Microsoft. So if you are […]

Why You Should Be Using Google’s LSAs For Your Business

Looking For More Info On Google LSAs? Is your service-based business looking to expand its marketing efforts in the digital space? Well, Google offers an advertising platform that helps service-based companies thrive. They’re called Local Services Ads, or LSAs, and they work to generate leads from local customers nearest you. If you would like to […]

Local Service Ads Vs Local Ad Campaigns

What’s The Difference Between LSAs and Local Campaigns? Google’s advertising platform offers a wide range of options when looking to expand advertising for your business. A couple of these options include Local Service Ads and Local Ad Campaigns. But which one should your business utilize when advertising? While both these options have similarities, there are […]

6 Reasons Your Company Should Be Active On Social Media

Why Is It Important To Be Active On Social Media? Having a presence on social media has become a basic pillar in any marketing strategy. This is because of its proximity to your customers, wide reach, and effectiveness. As of January 2021, there are a reported 4.20 billion social media users across the globe. With […]

Why You Should Work With a Google Ads Partner

Is It Important To Work With A Google Ads Partner? Are you looking to partner with a new PPC specialist or agency to run your business’s digital marketing? We suggest that you look for an agency or specialist that is a Google Ads Partner. Working with a Google Ads Partner can provide you and your […]

Why You Should Work With A Social Media Specialist

Does Working With A Social Media Specialist Make A Difference? Social media specialists are almost mandatory nowadays. With the rising popularity of social media over the last decade and brands utilizing these platforms to advertise their products and services, it is a necessity to include social in your marketing efforts. Social media specialists can help […]