6 Steps To Become A PPC Specialist

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The digital marketing industry has been booming over the years. But how do digital marketing agencies and big companies run successful campaigns? They employ PPC specialists! PPC specialists are people that have the education and experience necessary to run a successful paid advertising campaign. Click Control Marketing has the benefit of employing many PPC specialists, so we decided to put together a list of steps taken to become a PPC expert. 

1. Understand PPC And How It Works

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, in simple terms, is an advertising model where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads. These types of campaigns can be used to reach all kinds of marketing goals. PPC is great for achieving an increase in brand awareness, generating more leads, and driving up sales. PPC campaigns can be run in a variety of formats across multiple different platforms. Google offers PPC campaigns for search, display, and shopping. An important aspect of running a successful PPC campaign is figuring out who you want to target with your paid ads. In terms of search campaigns, deciding this means finding search terms you would like your ads to show for. For social platforms, like Facebook, it means setting an audience based on their personal characteristics and brand engagement. 

Another important aspect of understanding PPC is understanding the metrics that are most important. Some of these very important metrics are CTR (Click Through Rate), CPC (Cost Per Click), Quality Score, CPL (Cost Per Lead), and Return on Ad Spend. Having a good understanding of these metrics will allow you to get great insight into if your campaign is a success and if not then they allow you to identify where it is failing.  

2. Get Inspiration From Your Competitors

When becoming a PPC specialist, you can save yourself some time just by seeing what your competitors are doing. One thing that is guaranteed is that no matter what industry you are in or what you are selling, there will be competitors. Luckily, these competitors can provide you with a lot of valuable PPC information that is relevant to your industry or business. By studying competitor ads, you can get a good look into their PPC strategy and how they create their ads. If the competitor is a successful one, you can pull inspiration from their copy and strategy. Not only will this information help you to improve your ads, but it will also help teach you lots of tips and tricks that could become very useful in the future. 

3. Practice Writing

As a PPC specialist, writing ad copy is a guarantee. In a career as a PPC specialist, you will write hundreds or even thousands of headlines and descriptions. Because of this, it could be very beneficial to practice writing. If your campaign contains dull and weak headlines, you could be setting it up for failure before it has even begun. To give your campaigns the strongest message possible, you will need to research keywords that relate to your business or industry. As mentioned above, you can always check your competitors for inspiration on what keywords work. Checking competitor sites and ad copy will give you a good idea of words you should be including in your copy and how they will help you attract users to click on your ads. 

4. Get Certified

Getting certified on advertising platforms is a great way to gain both experience and respect as a PPC specialist. Advertising platforms like Google and Microsoft offer certification courses that provide up-to-date knowledge on the platforms and will teach you the ins and outs of using them. Having certifications for advertising platforms validates that you understand what goes into creating successful campaigns. Adding these completed certifications to your LinkedIn profile or resume showcases your knowledge and skill as a PPC expert. 

To earn Microsoft’s Advertising Certified Professional certification, you must pass an exam showing you know how Microsoft Advertising works. To learn more about getting a Google Ads certification, check out our blog on becoming a Google Ads expert

5. Learn How To Use PPC Tools And Stay Current

To be a PPC specialist you must know how to use a wide range of tools. There are many PPC tools out there that can help you create more successful campaigns. Google Ads Editor is one of those tools and it is used to create and edit Google Ads campaigns. This tool is very efficient if you need to make changes in bulk. Google Ads Editor also allows you to track some important metrics that relate to performance on your campaigns. Google Analytics is another commonly used PPC tool. With Google Analytics, you can track the actions of visitors on your site and it provides detailed performance metrics as well. Analyzing data is important as it allows you to find ways to improve campaign performance. 

Being a PPC specialist also means keeping up with the latest trends. Keeping up with the newest developments in the marketing industry helps you to remain effective when crafting campaigns. A good and easy way to stay updated on the latest trends is to read reliable digital marketing blogs. Reading news relevant to the newest marketing trends is also a good way to keep up with things.

6. Practice On Your Own

A really great way for you to gain real-world knowledge and experience in PPC is to practice running campaigns on your own projects. Practice putting together a PPC campaign for your own services. Determine your own campaign goal and craft one that focuses on achieving the goals you set out. This way you can practice different techniques for writing ad copy, researching and targeting keywords, and actually structuring campaigns. This gives a tangible form of experience that prospective clients or jobs would want to see. Not only does it provide a good experience, but it also helps bring in your own clientele and will get you noticed earlier in your career.   

Need More PPC Help? Look No Further!

Becoming a PPC specialist takes some time, but does not have to be difficult. With these basic steps, anyone can be on the way to a career in PPC. Here at Click Control Marketing, we have a team full of experienced and devoted PPC specialists. Our team will craft a campaign that is perfectly tailored to your business needs and goals. For those with digital marketing needs, we are just a call away!  

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